austin moversA decision that will affect the future of everyone: residents and businesses alike is expected to be made very soon.  The City Council of Austin will soon be making their final decision regarding the budget for the 2013 calendar year.  Most people expect the Austin City Council to approve of the proposed budget of $3.1 billion.  Though the raise is not of an enormity of epic proportions, it will be felt by all residents and businesses alike though out Austin.  This means that everyone from your next door neighbor to your local moving company in Austin can expect to see their taxes go up next year.

The council said the taxes are in order in order to keep up with the growth Austin has been having.  This opinion is seconded by Austin’s police chief who wants to increase the police force on the streets by about 22 additional officers.  This argument people can’t really argue as Austin expands it needs a police force to expand with it to keep order.  Though do not this of this as just dumping more money to the local government.  The overtime budget has been reduced by a near $2 million dollars in an effort to run more efficiently.

The tax raises won’t be too severe as predictions forecast, around $20 a year increase for the average citizen and a little more for Austin moving companies and businesses alike.

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