Relocations are very difficult in the first place, to deal with moving and having the death of your mother thrown in right in the middle - made for a more difficult time.

Your crew of Marcus, Mike and the guys were the best thing we experienced during the entire relocation process. They did a great job. They are really professional. I really appreciated them unloading our furniture and boxes late into We Wednesday night - to allow us to attend my mother's visitation and funereal on Thursday and Friday.

They were tired from their trip to Memphis and Mississippi but stepped up and got us in our house in time to allow us to get some sleep and head right back to Louisiana to the funeral. For this I am grateful. One of us would have had to miss the visitation and funeral had they not performed such a high level.

Please tell them thanks again for me. Your company is fortunate to have employees this dedicated and loyal, as this crew is. You could tell by the way they talked they had been together awhile.

You told my wife you were sending your best crew and we feel you really did. Thanks again,

Please share this with Marcus and the crew and of course their superiors (bosses). They really did a great job. Rick, K 


Dear Mark,

I want to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the great service you provided during my move on September 11, 2011. You were prompt and courteous when you prepared my estimate and got me the proposal very quickly. The rates were so reasonable I did not even bother to get a competitors estimate. I've moved with the help of friends, and by myself before, and it was well worth the few extra dollars, not to have to deal with a sore back and unbelievable stress and distractions.

They say a company is only as good as their worst employee, and if that's true, based on all the people I worked with, this is an A+ Organization. From the men that loaded my car up with recyclable boxes, to the three men that meticulously loaded, with good humor, all my belongings with care and brute strength. Everyone was professional, respectful and hard working. The whole experience was great. And although a move is difficult, having Mark and his team helping me, I felt really good by the end of the process.

After moving in, my muscles were so shot, I couldn't even lift my washing machine to see why it was leaking after I hooked it up. They sent a miracle worker out to see what the problem was, and based on his ability and knowledge of appliances, he fixed it in no time.

All the people I worked with were a class act and I recommend the services of Wheaton World Wide Moving to anyone considering relocation, across town or across the country. Please share my contact information to anyone who needs a recommendation from someone who has used your services and is in a better state of mind because of it.

Many, Many Thanks,

Amanda L
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