In Austin, as in most big cities there are several moving companies to choose from.  So many options can make it a difficult process of choosing which mover you want to preform your move.  By sticking to some key fundamental qualities in moving companies you can help narrow the options down which of the Austin movers you want to pick from very easily.

BBB - Are they an accredited BBB member? Generally it is always good to go with an accredited BBB that also has a good score.  This third party will tell you if there are many unresolved complaints or things of that nature associated with the business. A pore score should raise red flags in your mind. Reviews - Good reviews are always a plus.  See what other people are saying about the business that have used them or done business with them before.  These are not always about quantity either, more of quality.  Reviews tend to be hard to come by in the moving industry so don't expect hundreds of reviews from every mover.
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