Picture this: you just bought a new home or rented a new office space. You’re about to start a new life with your spouse and your family, or your roommates, or maybe you’re even starting a new business for yourself. What’s the most prominent thought on your mind right about now? Certainly it isn’t a move gone wrong. You already have enough on your plate as it is and having your items held ransom during your move isn’t at the top of your head.

But, how do you know if you’re hiring a legitimate moving company?

  1. If you are asked to pay up front, you are probably being scammed.
  2. If you are refused an in home estimate, a scammer is probably trying to protect themselves. Hiring local moving companies in Round Rock, TX that guarantee a free home estimate before moving is going to be your safest bet.
  3. If you’re estimate is based on cubic feet, you are most likely being scammed. Movers giving you a legitimate estimate will make sure to base your move on the weight of the move.
Watching out for these three tricks and hiring legitimate Austin household moving companies will ensure that your move’s safety, security, and efficiency is their top priority, so it doesn’t have to be yours.

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