hot texas summer moving tips for your pets and you

Our movers at American Relocation & Storage Solutions know that the summer heat can be brutal, especially in Texas. If you’re planning to move in the summer, you’ll want to take into account any problems that could arise from the Texas heat. Here are some things to keep in mind so you can stay cool during your summer household move:

Your Stuff: Because of the heat, you’ll want to keep certain belongings from sitting in the moving truck for an extended duration. Items such as CD’s are often damaged because of intense heat. Other items like candles can melt and ruin your other personal belongings during your move. While you’re packing, keep in mind your belongings that would be damaged or cause damage due to heat. Plan accordingly – label the boxes as heat sensitive, seal and load them up last, and bring them into your new home first. 

Your Pets: When moving day comes, it’s important to keep your pets out of the movers’ way for everyone’s safety. While keeping them outside or closed in a spare room with toys and treats may seem like a solution, the temperature might not allow it as they may get overheated quickly. For the safest bet, use a pet sitter to look after your pet so he or she stays out of the way, out of the heat, and avoid the anxiety of a situation that is often confusing and stressful for pets.

Yourself: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even though you may have air conditioning, remember that your doors will probably be open most of the time on moving day, so your house will get hotter. Plus, all of the packing and moving about will inevitably make you even warmer. It’s important to dress for the heat and drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated on moving day.

Your local Austin residential movers at American Relocation are well-versed in moving during the summer heat, and are happy to provide tips for making your move easier. With these things in mind and with the American Relocation movers by your side, you won’t have to sweat moving in the summer. Call or request a free quote online to start planning the easy breezy summer move you deserve!