The professionals at American Relocation offer the comprehensive packing solutions that guarantee the utmost safety of your belongings. We have perfected our techniques and know just the way each individual item should be properly packed. But if you choose a "pack-it-yourself" approach, it's important to know exactly how to pack your belongings to ensure their safety. Learn these tips and methods below!

1. Dishware and Glasses – For dishes, choose an appropriate sized box and pack dishes on their side. Each dish should be wrapped in paper with crumpled packing paper in between each plate. Then wrap the entire bundle and tape so it stays firm. Stuff any empty spaces in the box with paper. For your stemware and glasses, stuff each with crumpled paper and then roll in newspaper. Place them towards the top of your box and add corrugated paper if necessary.

2. Flammables – For propane tanks, power tools, barbecue grills, or even motorcycles, be sure to drain everything of all flammable liquids. This avoids any potential damage or danger throughout the moving process.

3. Electronics – If you have the original container, use them. If not, use as closely fitting boxes as possible and wrap your computers and other electronics with blankets or a protective pad. You can also stuff extra clothes around your high-value items in the box.

4. Furniture – Some items like bureau drawers can be also used as a packing vessel. It's important to keep these items packed only with light items such as underwear, socks, etc. Use painter's tape to keep drawers shut.

5. Open First – Be sure to create an open first box of your essential items you'll need for the first night in your new home. This can include toothbrushes and toothpaste, your child's favorite teddy bear, important medicine, and more.

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