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Although winter in Austin isn’t as harsh as it is in the Midwest or Northeast, it’s much more unpredictable. Almost any kind of weather condition is a possibility, including rain, sleet, snow, hail, freezing temperatures and warm sunshine. To ensure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way during your winter move, our Austin residential moving company offers a few tips for each kind of condition.

Relocating During Winter Rain

Because the weather can drop and make for a very chilly day, the rain may be uncomfortably and unexpectedly cold. To ensure you aren’t miserable during your move and feeling under the weather when it’s all said and done, dress in warm clothing, layered, and with rain-resistant apparel over it.

Warm or cold, the rain will make everything wet. Be sure you have a clear path between your front door and the truck, clear of mud puddles and slick wet spots. Additionally, you’ll want to keep your items dry. Wet cardboard boxes will lose their structural integrity, causing items to fall through them. Wetness can also permanently damage furniture, so make sure all of it is covered by rain-resistant tarps.

Trudging Through Sleet and Snow

In the unlikely, but not unheard-of, event of sleet or snow, be prepared for what’s left on the ground. First things first: create a safe walkway from the door to the truck at both locations. You can either lay down some cardboard or salt any ice patches along the way. The last thing you’ll want is for you or your help to get injured after slipping and falling. You’ll also want to drive slowly so you don’t slide all over the road and jeopardize the condition of your items.

Keeping warm is also essential. Since the temperatures can drop to as low as 40 degrees, on average, you’ll want to bundle up in warm clothing so you don’t get sick. It’s also wise to consume hot beverages like coffee, tea or cocoa and eat hot meals like soup to stay nice and toasty.

Traversing Through Golf Ball-Sized Hail

Hail doesn’t only hurt, it makes driving hazardous. If the weather forecast calls for a chance of hail, try and postpone your move to another date unless it’s absolutely necessary. Hailstorms can last up to fifteen minutes, so if one starts up in the process of your Austin household move, pull over and wait for it to stop.

If Mother Nature plays the cruel joke of having the hail start once you arrive to your destination, pull as close to the door as possible. You’ll want to shorten the walking distance so your body doesn’t get abused by falling pebbles of ice.

By following these tips, your local move in Austin will be as smooth and safe as can be. If you’re looking for the best moving company make your relocation even smoother, contact American Relocation and Storage Systems today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!

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