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With home-buying season in full swing and children out of school, summer is the most popular time of year to move in the United States. In a warm state like Texas—where summers can be notoriously long, intensely sunny, and sweltering hot—moving in the summer presents some unique challenges.

If you’re preparing for a local or long-distance summertime relocation into or out of the great state of Texas, these household moving tips from one of the top Austin residential moving companies will make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Essential hot-weather moving tips

1.  Pay extra attention to your heat-sensitive belongings.

We put this tip first in our list of Austin moving tips for a reason: Texas is hot. Even short-term exposure to excessive heat or humidity can destroy items including artwork, candles, plants, electronics, antiques, beauty products, and more. To prevent costly damage, pack heat-sensitive items carefully, clearly label their boxes, and keep them out of direct sunlight.

2.  Stay hydrated.

Even if you have the help of professional Austin household movers, you’ll probably be spending more time than usual in hot, stuffy conditions on moving day—especially if you’ve already turned off the utilities in your home. Keep your body energized and your mind refreshed by drinking enough water.

3.  Keep your children occupied.

For many families, summer means vacation—but moving day isn’t the best time for a family hang out. To keep your children from getting injured by heavy boxes or being distractingly unhappy, it may be helpful to have an alternative activity planned for moving day. A day with the babysitter at the Austin Zoo or Mount Bonnell can give you the time and space you need to finish your move.

4.  Make a packing schedule—and stick to it.

When it’s 95 degrees out, the last thing you want is to wake up on moving day and realize that you still have three rooms to pack. To avoid last-minute stress, make a realistic schedule of packing and start well in advance. If you don’t want to handle the household packing yourself, contact our reliable Austin household movers to help you keep your belongings organized and protected.

5.  Set up the utilities in your new home.

Of all of our Austin household moving tips, this one is perhaps most key to your comfort on moving day. There’s nothing worse than finishing a long move only to realize that the A/C and water aren’t set up in your new home. To make sure you can shower off and relax in some cool air, make sure your utilities will be good to go on moving day.

Bonus: Summer moving tips for long-distance moves

Covering a great distance adds another layer of complexity to a Texas summertime relocation. Whether you’re moving out of the state or out of the country, these long-distance summer moving tips are especially important.

1.  Consider the weather conditions of your new home.

If you’re making a long-distance move, be sure to think about the climate. Although summer weather tends to be relatively comfortable, some regions are prone to hazardous weather conditions like thunderstorms or tornadoes. And if you’re moving to another hemisphere, it might the dead of winter when you arrive. Make sure to have appropriate clothing available and a back-up plan in case of extreme weather.

2.  Plan for your pets.

When you’re moving long distance or internationally, pets can be one of the most stressful parts of your move. Especially in the Texas summer heat, pets can easily become dehydrated and overheated—not to mention stressed from the move itself. Make sure to have your pets’ moving plan, from accommodation to transport and paperwork, established well before moving day.

With these hot-weather moving tips, you’re well on your way to an organized and manageable summer move. But if you’d rather get help from trusted professionals, American Relocation and Storage Systems has the full-service Austin household movers you need to make your move pain-free.

Since 1961, we’ve helped thousands of customers fight the Texas heat to successfully complete their local, interstate, and international moves. To learn how we can make our proven Austin moving tips work just for you, give us a call today or fill out our quick online form!