interstate moving tips

Moving between states is no easy feat. There are countless challenges when it comes to moving hundreds of miles away from your Austin home, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are three quick tips that will help your Austin interstate move go much more smoothly.

1. Label your boxes

You can save a lot of time, and prevent quite a few headaches, by labeling your boxes.

Start in one room and fill boxes until every item has been accounted for. When one box is full, make sure you label it for the room it belongs in. You can even color code your boxes so your helpers know where each box belongs.

However, you’ll thank yourself even more later if you’re more specific. In addition to labeling each box with the room, label it with where it belongs (e.g. linen closet, bathtub, vanity) – and even with a quick snapshot of its contents (e.g. cleansers; toiletries; beauty products; towels; hair accessories, etc.). This will only take a few extra moments per box, but will save you a lot of time later, when you don’t need to dig through each box to find things.

2. Vacuum-seal seasonal clothing

Clothing, textiles, and fabric items are a pain to pack. Instead of trying to shove snow pants and guest bedding into a box, vacuum-seal them. By vacuum-sealing your clothing and other items, you can reduce their overall size, allowing you to pack more items into the same box.

You can even vacuum seal other bulky, yet lightweight, items such as pillows to dramatically save space. This will allow you to put more items in each box and make it easier to seal them shut while still keeping the weight down.

3. Hire a professional Austin interstate moving company

If you really want to make moving easy, hire a professional Austin interstate moving company. A professional mover will start with an assessment of your household’s needs to develop a custom relocation plan, and focus on the challenges ahead to make your interstate move a breeze.

If you could use a little help, turn to the Austin interstate movers at American Relocation. We can help you plan your next move because our experts are well-versed in efficiently executing stress-free interstate moving plans. We are accredited with the BBB, we are a ProMover member of the American Moving and Storage Association, and we are professional Interstate Agents of National Van Lines.

Relying on the expertise and resources, and enjoying the ease of working with our Austin interstate moving company starts with a free estimate.