Austin household movers tips

Moving is a big job, even when you have help from professional movers. At American Relocation, we’ve seen it all. As an experienced Austin household moving company, we understand that even the best planned move can experience a few bumps.

To help ease your stress, we want to offer some friendly, pre-move advice. These simple tips can make a huge difference when paired with the exceptional services of our Austin household movers.

Tip 1: Get an early start to your household move.

When it comes to a seamless move, there is no foe quite as formidable as procrastination! But, let’s face it. It is all too easy to do. If you’re like many, you might find that getting started creates a kind of momentum that helps you get the job done. If you’re having trouble getting started, begin with a simple to-do list. From there, make a point to get one thing done each day.

Tip 2: Take care of the address change basics.

One thing that’s fairly easy to take care of before your move is getting all of your address change notifications out of the way. Take some time to think of all the entities that need to be notified: the bank, insurance companies, etc. and check off as many as you can right away. You can setup mail forwarding long in advance and even schedule your utilities to be cut on and off – which is a good idea if you want your new home to have lights and heat/air when you arrive.

Tip 3: Create a packing list for your Austin household move.

Avoid a last-minute packing frenzy by boxing up items you won’t need in the near future. That can include things like seasonal décor and clothing, for example. It’s also a good idea to gather any important documents you might need ahead of time and store them in a safe place. As your move date gets closer, decide which items you want to pack yourself and which you’d rather leave to the professionals. American Relocation offers great specialized moving services for your delicate, bulky, and hard-to-move items.

Tip 4: Start preparing for your new life in your new community.

Take some time out from the hustle of moving and learn a little about your new community. If you have children, involve them in the process to help them adjust to life in a new home and school. What are some fun things you can do after you’re settled in? Which schools and doctors come highly recommended? Are there any cultural changes you should expect?  A little pre-move research can be a fun way for the whole family to ease the transition.

Tip 5: Make time to visit friends and family in Austin.

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your household move that you don’t say proper goodbyes to people you care about. Take the time to do it, and you’ll be glad you did! Give your new address and phone number, and make plans for visiting during holidays if possible.

The Austin household movers at American Relocation work hard to offer the best local and long-distance moving services around. When you’re ready to start planning your next move, contact our reputable Austin household moving company for a great moving experience!