Gold Star Austin Movers!

Just wanted to tell you that the guys you sent on moving day worked their butts off. It was raining off and on, it was a steep driveway and they had some stairs to climb. They hung in till about 7:00 or later…can’t recall. They older guys (worked so darn hard) were amazing in their ability to move boxes, spurring on the young guys. One of older guys carried boxes on his back…oh my, how did he do it. It was a long, miserable day for moving due to the weather. The guys were: Ed, the “boss man” nice guy, had control of the group Dre; Jr. the driver; Anthony, the hat man!; Carl; Eric, the youngster, the older guys made him work!!! Loved it. PS, one guy was ex military & was amazing… don’t recall his name. Hope I didn’t forget someone. Just thought you should give them a Gold Star!